Sunday, January 25, 2009

new jersey is still the armpit of america

hello hello ladies and gents. oh how i live for the weekends, sleeping in past 6am and anticipating a big trip to jersey city, new jersey...and if you're really lucky take a couple of extra stops to hoboken (insert sarcasm here)!!! well, i really do love sleeping in. i set my alarm clark for 8:30am on saturday morning with extremely high hopes that i would actually wake up by at least 9:30am but instead i continued to press snooze until i shut off my alarm all together and finally arose at 11am. well, i needed all of that rest because i had to get ready for my big jersey outing! i was treading lightly with excitement since the first time i went to jersey i fell out of the bus which i've already painfully written about and the last time i was there the republican party got crushed in the 2008 elections. well, this time my friend from work decided to have peeps over to his jersey city pad for a little partay and if i was going to survive this i would have to bring a friend. cat was the lucky winner and we decided to meet at 4pm on the L platform in union square to catch the path (train that goes to jersey). so, at 3:30pm i strutted down e. 8th st. and onward until i hopped on the L train to go across town only to realize 293470239472 people were also getting on the train. i practically had to run and jump before the doors closed to ensure i could squeeze into the crowd. i went into whole foods, got some munchies and went back down to meet cat except i then realized the train was only going back to brooklyn, my phone had no service and wasn't quite sure how i was going to find cat in the hoards of people. we finally found each other at 4:30pm after she had accidentally taken the train back to the e. village and had to walk back to union square. needless to say, 2 hours after we left our apartments at 5:30pm we finally arrived at the bash. at this point it was just a small gathering with a couple of peeps from work (drinks already in hand). the crowd slowly began to build as various neighbors and residents of the building came sauntering into the party. i have been to some random parties but this will one will have to take the cake. there was the 50+ millionaire gay couple where one of them stated the jersey condo was their "weekend home", bob - the 40+ wachovia banker (who dyed his hair brown since the last time i saw him when he was all gray), silda - the 27 year old indian neighbor and mcgraw hill financial analyst, jimmy and david - cutest gay couple eva, meathead (can't remember his name, but he looked like worked out a lot) whose wife was in the city dancing at a bat mitzvah (?!) and couldn't make it, chris - 25 year old hofstra grad and pot head who left every hour for about 20 minutes to do who knows what and for comic relief was wearing a D.A.R.E. tshirt, yvonne - 37 year old business development consultant, extremely spacy but had the most amazing condo that had a view of the statue of liberty, megan and her husband - late 20s and recently engaged who kept telling cat and i to go out every night of the week and have fun, patty - in her early 40s, drove in from the suburbs and still trying to figure out how she got invited in the first place, new coworker - 23 years old, he looked into cat's purse and saw there was gum to which he then proceeded to go up to her and say, "what's your name again? can i have a piece of gum" and rick - 24 years old, host of the party and baby in the building and obsessed with all things italian. after more than a few drinks we decided to sneak upstairs to look at all the penthouses which were ridic gorgeous, which was then topped off by watching the miss america pagaent (yes, this was still at the same party). after the group oohed and aahed at rick's new curtains and coffee table for literally hours cat and i had a brilliant idea to go to hoboken! hoboken is right outside the city and a popular place for some kids to live that are looking for a cheaper housing alternative to the city. we thought we'd try something different and honestly when else were we going to be this close to hoboken? we updated our fb statuses and practically ran out of the party to escape to someplace new and exciting. boy oh boy were we wrong. the first sign of doom was when we were the only two people to get off the path while everyone else rode back into the city...all of these so called bars had lines and when we finally got into one were surrounded by guidos and white trash. i kind of felt like in that episode of sex and the city when samantha and carrie are out the night after carrie gets dumped by a post it note by berger and they get run out of a bar by some jersey girls. we lasted all of 5 minutes and went back into the city. if you didn't already know jersey is known as the armpit of america for a reason. if you actually look up "armpit of america" in the urban dictionary "new jersey" is the definition. i encourage all of you to look it up right now and also see the hilarious example that is posted with it. we finally made our way back into the city and found a quaint little wine bar in the west village where we sipped on shiraz and peronis for a couple of hours before we realized we were amidst a private birthday party. a friend of a friend almost couldn't meet up with us because the bouncer said he wasn't part of the private party and somehow got in. i had to painfully sit through this guy talk about his love for trying to perfect the handstand and how it was one of his new goals for 2009. if that wasn't enough everyone in the bar, including the bartender had european accents and i was obviously the one that was not like the others. all of a sudden we found ourselves singing happy birthday to some chick holding a huge birthday cake with candles. when we decided to finally leave she even said thanks for coming! at last it was 3am and i was munching on some of the best pizza i've ever had and just 12 hours later i returned to my place for some zzz. i should probably start fighting whitney port right now to get my very own mtv reality show in the city. it's pretty obvi what the show's name would be. welp, on that thought this little one is off to iron some clothes, very intriguing. peace out!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

fourth time's the charm?

hi friends and happy new year to all of you! 2009 has just begun and i can already tell it's going to be a fabulous year. before i begin i just wanted to give a big shout out to juston and his big bday today! fun fact of the day, if you went to uw madison and ever got "juston stix" at ed's express they were named after him! he cooked them up (literally, mmm) because of his pure hatred for anything tomatoey like pizza sauce and tada you have bread stix with cheese and a new name! he also requested i update the blog which has been severely delayed yet again. however, a new year definitely means another new roommate in the city and another new post to discuss all the juicy dets! so, the old roomie didn't last this time because frankly the city ate her alive and chewed her up for breakfast. i'm not gonna lie this is one very busy and high stress city not well suited for lazy, spoiled or lost individuals. if you think you are going to "find yourself" in this city...well, good luck. the other night i was walking home and read this grafitti sign that stated, "the stress of the city will make you lose sight of your dreams...hang in there." i seriously couldn't have said it better myself. so, needless to say it's been rather interesting finding another roomie in the midst of the holiday season. i guess you could say it was stressful enough to make me briefly lose sight of my future perfect job, mba and hot boyfriend but after relentlessly posting our apartment on every housing website known to man or woman we gots one! like every typical city experience i spoke to her on the phone a few times and she moved in over the holidays while no one was home. her love for the hills was all i needed to confirm her as our latest and hopefully last roommate. surpisingly, andi is what you call not just smart but brilliant. i mean, i know we all think we're pretty darn brilliant but i can guarantee nobody reading this blog skipped high school and went straight to college. if you have, feel free to post it in the comments section with a pic of you receiving your college diploma with braces and coke bottle glasses included. anything photo shopped will be immediately disqualified. i guess even more shocking is she's completely socially comfortable and ridic mature for a 20 year old. she's got an internship for the next 6mos. so let's hope she's a keeper. i'm really sick of writing blog posts on new roommates. i mean, they literally consume 24% of my material on shawtyindacity and that just ain't right! okay, this little one needs to hit the hay but miss you all and i'll update again soon! peace out!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

damn it feels good to be a badger

hello hello friends and sis. i know, i know it's been awhile since i've updated this ol' blogaroo but it's like hard to keep up the blog and stuff. however, this past weekend was most def blog worthy. i trekked all the way back to the midwest to visit madison for homecoming. naturally it was amazing to run into everyone i've ever known since 1984 and visit old madison staples such as madison's, the city, stadium bar, tornado room and HATTERS!!! i mean, really where do i even begin?! i immediately booked it off the plane friday night and into e's arms with a big hug and then into her honda civic to get up to madtown while blasting dance beats. i anticipated meeting up with a couple of friends at madison's and then out with college friends. however, when i got there it wasn't just a couple of friends it was an entire table full of familiar faces including the new supreme court justice gableman, james, amy, kirsten, juston, darrin, cindy, etc. it was awkward for a brief moment as they suggested i give a speech before i realized what they were even there for (celebrating the swearing in of gableman). at that very moment I thought about practicing my maid of honor speech for e's wedding. i figured, e was there dressed in a purple mini skirt and leggings (practically wedding attire) and if anyone could give me advice about a speech it would be a supreme court justice, the political director of rpw - juston and the communications director - kirsten. i feel like they would've all had wise words of wisdom for moi and when was i really going to be in the same place with all three of them ever again? well, my first gin and tonic hadn't quite hit me yet and i decided to refrain from giving a speech to a girl in a shiny purple tube skirt with leggings in front of the supreme court justice. maybe next time, eh? saturday morning arrived before we knew it and i was already getting text messages/phone calls in the am to immediately start drinking. i barely get up on the weekends to function let alone drink alcohol at 9am. instead, i decided to spend my extra time looking badger fabulous for the stadium bar. i'm really glad i did this since (if you are eating breakfast, lunch or dinner stop now and come back to read the rest of this post on an empty stomach later) when i got there some overserved drunk chick decided to projectile vomit all over the back of my jacket (the funky black jacket i got with casey at h&m). you heard me right, someone blew chunks all over me. now at this moment i'm thinking, does this actually happen to people?! and do people actually drink THAT much they can't hold their alochol at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon?! yes and yes are the answers to those questions. e and i immediately went to the bathroom and for a brief second bitches in the massive line were like no budding! um, we've got a puker in the bar and in case you want it all over your clothes too you're going to let me go clean this off (yeah, ny has toughened me up a bit). once i washed it off and drank enough to forget what actually happened i ran into about 293470234237 people i knew from hs/college/politics/friends of friends from politics/friends of friends from college/you know them, i saw them. that night the entire crew transported themselves in the exact same badger gear from the afternoon to the new hatters. a little background for those who don't know about madhatters - it was my favorite bar in college before it got taken down for the stupid student center for students. it was literally one of those bars where everyone knew your name. well, this past weekend was no different except the bar has re-opened in a new location with not one but two floors and a heck of a lot cleaner bathrooms. as soon as we got there we were about to call everyone to meet up but naturally they were already there with miller lite's in hand and ready to dance the night away. well, the weekend ended with a lovely brunch with the old bosses and some shopping on state street. i've finally sobered enough to write about it. usually i wouldn't write about so much drinking and partying but frankly it was just one of those weekends. next time i'll write about going to church and volunteering with little kids. :) i've kept you kiddies (maybe) by the end of this post so if you've made it congrats and peace out!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An nyoung ha seh yo Koreatown!

An nyoung ha seh yo (hello) e'erbody. i'm glad to announce i'm in much higher spirits since my last post. since we last wrote/read i have found a new roomie, she's moved in and hopefully not getting pregnant or leaving to go live with another french student (fingers crossed!). we also know some mutual peeps from the dc area so that's promising as well, right?. soo, enough about the boring stuff. first of all, congrats to all you hard working republicans on the national convention. i was seriously sad i wasn't missing out on nyc life to party and not sleep with everyone in the hometown. while you were watching mccain give his closing speech and sipping on free drinks i was eating at a french restaurant in the west village for a friend's bday, drinking at the chelsea pier and then hitting up koreatown. let me tell you, 32nd and broadway is where it's at. obvi i'm an amazing singer so we ended up going to this karaoke bar. this ain't no karaoke kid but you do get your own private room, korean beer, fresh fruit and popcorn included. this also includes two microphones for harmonizing duets and a plasma to pick your musical selections and show the words of all those classic songs you never actually knew the real words to. after being overserved i belted out some journey, boyz II men and various other classics. i then worked up an appetite for some korean bbq. it was just me and three asian boys. they all spoke korean or chinese and have obviously had korean bbq more than a few times. i almost felt like a minority (yes, i am korean) within the korean restaurant only knowing english and figuring out what all of the food selections were on the table. it was seriously delicious. i mean, i say that about all food but it really was amazing bbq. you actually cooked your own meat on this burner thingie and dipped it in all of these kewl sauces. i know, you're hungry now too, aren't you? well, the fun was soon over and i had to be at work 5 hours later. my voice was cracking all day as i'm not used to really singing late night which i'm sure really impressed all of the CIOs i was calling all day. they probably think a pubescent teen is trying to sell them Oracle products which is why i immediately requested chammomile tea so it never happens again. :) welp kids, the weekends of visitors begins in t-3 days. i cannot wait to see many of my college, hs and wisco cohorts. not sure if i already mentionted this but i'll also be back in wisco for homecoming in october so git ur party hats and let's go to the stadium bar like now! off to go eat some ice cream...peace out!

Monday, August 25, 2008

life is kind of annoying right now

so i guess in life not everything always goes as you wish...i must say this is not a city for lazy people. you work a little bit harder, party a little bit harder and frankly just live a little bit harder. before i begin a short gripe session i must say thank you to ms. casey for having me at her place in dc and seeing all of my lovely friends, adam, katie, isabel, matt and all of my favorite wisco political peeps even if just for a second. it was amazing to see familiar faces and catch up on life with everyone. i partied, i laughed, ate pizza and wings (yum!) and slept! i then got on a bus back to nyc which is where the mayhem begins... i should've known when i woke up form a 2 hour nap to get off at a rest stop in jersey. i guess i was a little out of it and proceeded to exit the bus when i tripped and fell in my little golden flats and skinny jeans. naturally i was at the front of the bus right behind the bus driver (Cesar) and in front of 40+ peeps who proceeded to freak out that i fell over but i was toadily fine. no worries kids, just had to dust off a little dirt off those skinny jeans and the palms of my hands, wah. i then continued to sit on a bus for a total of 7 hours!!! we were so close just siting by the lincoln tunnel waiting in stop and go traffic for hours. long story short i finally made it home and before ya know it i was up at 5:30am getting ready for work. i got home from a rough day of work to find a note from the newest roomie (whom i've seen twice by the way since she moved in) that she's preggers! oh and she's moving out in 2 1/2 weeks!!! she hadn't been feeling well the past couple of weeks and go figure it was because she's a baby's momma. i must say i cannot even begin to imagine being 24 years old, waitressing and having a baby with a guy i had been dating for less than 6 mos. so, i guess to put things into perspective life could definitely be much more challenging than mine. however, here i begin the search for another roomie yet again...i've gotten so good at this i just reposted and changed the date of the previous post i had on craig's list. i do wonder if i should add a disclaimer at the bottom of the post: authorized and paid for by damire and mary for the second and final time in a month - no french students, pregnant chicks or male specimens allowed to inquire about this apt. okay, maybe it's a bit much but you can't blame me for trying. i need to go post something on but i promise no debbie downers next time. i'm really not a debbie downer kind of gal but every debbie (or mary theresa) has a bad day every once in awhile. thanks for listening, peace out!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

BIG news!!!

oh man, what a weekend! first, a big shout out to my sis e on the big engagement. my sissy is getting hitched and guess who gets to be the maid of honor?! MOI! i know the day is really all about her but I had two requests. one, absolutely fab bridesmaids' dresses AND a kick ass wedding party. so, i know it's only been a couple of days but we're thinking a very classic with a modern twist look for the dresses. pale pink classic cocktail dresses with pearls, cocktail rings and fabulous peep toe pumps with a bow or maybe nude pumps to finish off the look. the wedding party could not be more "kick ass". i'm pretty sure that's how they all describe themselves. since we also have a lot of the same friends megs, katie and bri could not be any kewler. actually, two of them were in new york this past weekend and i made e tell them immediately that they were included before i had a couple of cocktails and spilled the beans. so, in case all of you were missing me in the midwest i will be making many more trips to minnesotah in the upcoming year to help plan for the big day. i will also be taking date suggestions. i will be looking for someone preferably tall, dark and handsome with a great job, catholic, conversative and loves his mom. if you live in the new york city area that would be great but would like to move to the midwest in the next 5-10 years that would be even better. oh and all coasties are welcome but i ain't staying out here forever so you're really going to have to start liking the midwest too. lake minnetonka or the terrace aren't quite like the hamptons but they're definitely close...btw, i've never actually been to the hamptons but i'm assuming the terrace is pretty much the same thing. one last reminder, people will ask when we're getting married so just smile, nod and walk away. you really just need to sit there and be eye candy for the hegi/larson clan. to be considered for this honorable position please post your height/weight, annual salary, voting record, and a picture with your mom in the comments section below. thank you and peace out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

yo yo yo

yay! today phil turns...well, you'll just have to ask him. happy birfday!!! miss you!